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Red Grape Vines

Our Story...

Our story doesn’t start with Fine Wine & Spirits, instead it starts with people.  Several years ago, a wonderful friend of mine from Sicily asked me to fly to her home town of Riesi for a visit.   It wasn’t meant to be a time of exploration, but of discovery.  You see, Rosy has a big heart for the people of Sicily and she wants only the best for them in their efforts to make ends meet.  The first step to satisfying that need is employment.   Rosy had a plan, and that plan was to promote a product that she believed would sell itself once others were exposed to it.


In Sicily, Wine, Spices & Olive Oil are more than just a staple found in a kitchen cupboard or on a countertop where it is used to enhance the flavor of food.  Instead, it is part of a greater tradition that echo’s the history of the land they have grown up on  Wine, Spices & Extra Virgin Olive Oil are cherished.  Many families have several vines and olive trees of their own in their yard that date back well over one hundred years.  Every Fall, the grapes & olives are hand harvested and pressed with a traditional press that may have been handed down for generations, or brought to a local pressing facility were they press your fresh fruit for you. 

Our Goal...

Our goal is to bring you some of the best products produced in the world.  We have started with these wines, but are already in discussing with other top notch producers in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal.  We won’t rest in our endeavor to be one of the finest Wine sources in North America.  I feel confident is saying that you will truly enjoy our Wines & Spirits and in turn be amazed in the addition they add to your favorite meal.  Great Wine pared with the appropriate cheese, protein or bread, provides an experience like no other.  It takes the food to another level of appreciation.


​A story that started with people also ends with people.  So many have poured their hearts and souls into making a product that isn’t just about making a living, but also the continuation a love affair with a food that dates back for centuries, connecting one generation to the next.


For those of you who have grown up with Fine Wine, we offer you the opportunity to reconnect with those memories with each savory taste.  For others, we invite you to discover what you have been missing.


Bon Appetito,



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